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I have a lot of old photos on a computer in my house that I still need to look through. My Dad loved photography and jumped in to that hobby with full commitment. I mean, he got a tripod, a monopod, extra zoom lenses, and extra memory cards. He was really good at it too! He took a lot of pictures of my brother and I playing baseball, riding motorcycles, even our senior photos. He also got a swing coach for me when I was younger. All of this seems to have come around because:

My Dad took these pictures of my swing that he paid for, and I used my college education in Graphic Design (which he also paid for) to make this GIF.

Looking through old pictures is tough, but it’s also sort of therapeutic. After I’m done looking through them, I find myself to be more reflective of the good memories and remember them fondly. Of course, there are times I miss the past when I look through pictures, but who doesn’t?! Seems pretty normal to me,

Anyway, enjoy this GIF of me hitting. I’m going to go through the other photos and find some other nice swings and see what I can do with them! I wonder if there would be a market for this…

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