side work.

I’ve been doing some more personal work in my spare time than usual. I love this time because it really lets me open up my creativity and try new design elements. I’m posting a couple things I’ve worked on in the last week because… well just because! Enjoy. overflow. fruit art.

bombs away.

squared up. I have a lot of old photos on a computer in my house that I still need to look through. My Dad loved photography and jumped in to that hobby with full commitment. I mean, he got a tripod, a monopod, extra zoom lenses, and extra memory cards. He was really good at […]

future office.

*EDIT* kyle’s blog post. Today, I was thinking about the future much later on down the road. I thought to a time when I would be able to have my own office with my own graphic designers. Anyway, this inspired me to mock up an office with my logo and name to see what it […]