A logo is the window to your business. A good one is memorable, simple, timeless, and versatile. A logo also needs a great amount of research and planning. Having a logo that won’t last very long or that isn’t formatted correctly will cost a business tons of money in printing and PR. My design process ensures that you’ll get a logo that exemplifies the business and lasts a long time.


This is always the beginning. Knowing the demographics of the business is very important here. The research includes creating user profiles of potential customers, looking at data from successful brands in your industry, and defining your brand’s attributes.

Branding Guidelines

Having set rules for how and when your logo should be used is essential in keeping a cohesive brand. You’ll be provided with the branding guidelines, which include fonts, logos, secondary logos, and colors. This is kept and shown to future designers for your business to keep the style of your brand consistent.

Brand Strategy

Creating a strategy for the growth of your brand is essential for future success.

Some aspects resolved:

What is your brand’s objective?

Who are your customers?

How does your brand define long-term success?

After strategy is created, customers will know:

Exactly what the brand is and what the brand will deliver. New customers are easy to communicate with because they came to your brand knowing what you do.

That their experience interacting with the company is genuine and coincides with what they expect.

Why your brand is superior and worth paying for.

Let’s build something together.

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