I was asked to create a step & repeat as well as a podium design for High Times to bring to their events. I came up with this design, which showcases all the brands they represent. It was presented to the CEO and approved.

Step & Repeat

Step & Repeat in Action

Step & Repeat for MJ Bizcon

Step & Repeat in Action

Banner Ads Ran on Web

These are banner ads I designed to run on websites, in particular they are 970×250 pixels. For each banner ad theme, I created 6 different sizes of ads so that they could be posted anywhere. The sizes I provided were 160x600px, 300x250px, 300x600px, 320x50px, 728x90px, and 970x250px.

The Cheech Chronicles

These thumbnails are featured on High Times’ own streaming service, High Times TV (HTTV). As soon as the thumbnails were switched out, all the videos went to the top most viewed on the service. (2018)


High Times TV HTTV Cheech Marin Thumbnails Graphic Design Los Angeles

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