Using motion graphics in videos is critical for any company or brand that wants to maintain its presence in the market. They provide a professional touch to videos released by businesses for advertising, promotions and marketing. Motion graphics are visually appealing and convey complex information in a quicker and easier manner. This helps the audience digest the information much faster. Furthermore, motion graphics can be memorable and leave an impression. This leads to improved engagement and brand identification, making it a viable investment for any company or brand.


Starting by creating a plan of what to accomplish really cuts a lot of time out of the motion graphics process. I do this to get an idea of where the video is going and to make edits before I go on the computer.

Motion Graphics

Bring some motion and life to your brand! I’m experienced in motion graphics and animation. Combining this with good design practices and quality graphics makes a video that will convey your message and peak a customer’s interest in your brand.

Live Action Video

I’m able to shoot and produce live action videos for your brand. This means with actual actors or subjects. Combining graphics with these videos really gives your brand life and a sense of connection to your fans.

Post Production

After shooting video, post production is the process of color correcting, sound correction and addition, and applying all the visual effects and motion graphic. Video will be outputted to the correct format for the intended purpose.

Let’s build something together.

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